The THIRD NATIONAL DIASPORA SUMMIT, which took place in Rome on 14 December 2019, was an important step, the major achievement of an almost 3‑year journey of knowledge, training and the networking on the Italian territory, aimed both at the inclusion of associations and entrepreneurs having a migratory background into the Italian development cooperation system, and at changing the narrative on migration.

BEING THERE – GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER – BUILDING is our claim. While the last 2 years have been dedicated to meeting, getting to know each other, training and affirming the importance of diasporas’ active participation in the Italian system of development cooperation, it is now time to BUILD!

This is why the Third National Diaspora Summit was an exchange on the creation of more structured networking between associations, NGOs, bodies and institutions, new perspectives for plural communication and tools and platforms to facilitate access to cooperation for diaspora associations and migrant entrepreneurs.

Over 300 people attended the Third National Diaspora Summit for Cooperation, with representatives from associations, institutions, NGOs and companies. For us and our supporters, this large participation confirmed the importance of the path we have taken.

“The Summit must be accounted for with figures but it is made up of people.

And people bring change, they bring perspective, they bring future.

Today this room is full and tells of the desire to participate in the Cooperation of the diaspora Communities.

As Sankara used to say ‘We must Dare to Invent the Future’ and we are doing it, together!

(Cleophas Adrien Dioma, National Diaspora Summit Coordinator)

Summit delle diaspore