EXCO 2019- The International Cooperation Expo
Technical seminar on communication for development
(Fiera di Roma, 16 May 2019, h: 9 – 13)

On the occasion of EXCO 2019, the International Cooperation Fair hosted by Italy, the Italian Cooperation hosts experts from the European Commission’s DG DEVCO for a technical seminar on communication for development.
The technical seminar will be an opportunity to illustrate how DG DEVCO communicates and informs on development activities worldwide, including its methodologies, database and tools, with reference to the EU guidelines on communication and visibility.

The seminar covers four different themes:
1. Communication to promote development aid initiatives in donor countries to explain how and why development aid resources are spent.
2. Communication to facilitate the implementation of development activities in beneficiary countries by explaining programmes to the local populations.
3. Communication tools and platforms to harmonize joint EU – Member States initiatives
4.  Communication to promote development aid action among relevant stakeholders

The technical seminar intends to give an overview of communication for development addressed to the stakeholders and actors involved in the international development field, with a specific focus on EU funded initiatives.

REGISTRATION:  ufficio.stampa@aics.gov.it

Attention: to complete your registration, you need to provide your accreditation to EXCO2019 http://www.exco2019.com/